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* Crystallography for the next generation: the legacy of IYCr *
23-24 April 2015
Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology, Rabat, Morocco

Second Training course on symmetry and group theory
9th Mar 2015 - 13th Mar 2015
Japan: Tsukuba

Ongoing exhibitions

* Create your own exhibition *
Voyage dans le cristal
Throughout 2014

La Cristallographie et Nous
2nd Oct 2014 - 30th May 2015
France: Alsace

Crystallography exhibition
10th Oct 2014 - 30th Apr 2015
Belgium: Ghent

Cristalli ai raggi X
24th Jan 2015 11:00am - 30th Mar 2015 7:00pm
Italy: Modena

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"Events like this must be organized more often"

label_draft_v.2.0The IUCr-UNESCO OpenLab Turkey was conducted at Bilkent University, National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM) in January 19-22 2015 with the support of PANalytical, Atomika Teknik and the Turkish Crystallography Association.
The event brought together over 30 participants from several countries and cities. The participants conveyed their gratitude and satisfaction with the event, remarking that such events must be organized more often due to their exceptional contributions to their research and knowledge. 

Click here to read a report by Eda Yilmaz

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Posted 25 Feb 2015 

Winners of the IYCr2014 crystal growing competition announced

cg_howto The panel of judges have been faced with a huge number of noteworthy entries. All videos have been evaluated based on creativity, aesthetic value, description of the working plan and experimental work, clarity of explanations and scientific background.

Gold, silver and bronze medals (5 for each category) have been assigned, and 12 videos have received an honorary mention. Special prizes go also to the category "Creativity".

Congratulations to all laureates! Enjoy watching the winning videos.

The official announcement of the laureates will take place during the IYCr2014 Legacy launch conference in Rabat (22-24 April 2015).

Posted 13 Feb 2015 

Crystallography for the next generation: registrations open

IYCr Legacy conferenceRegister now to attend the "IYCr legacy" conference, which will be held in lieu of a "Closing" ceremony for the International Year of Crystallography.
The conference will take place at the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology in Rabat (Morocco) on 22-24 April 2015.
A welcoming reception will follow the opening ceremony on Wednesday 22 April, starting at 5 pm.

Participation is free but registration is required.

Posted 08 Jan 2015 

Crystallography matters ... more!

The year 2014 was declared the International Year of Crystallography by the United Nations in order to raise awareness in the world at large about the importance of crystallography in the modern world. Through an incredible variety of activities worldwide, that objective has been brought to life for thousands of schoolchildren, university students and the general public. Many events have been sponsored by UNESCO and the International Union of Crystallography, supported by industrial and academic sponsors, and made real by a host of willing volunteers. They have ranged from Science Fairs for schoolchildren, to professional-level OpenLab workshops and training sessions, to international summit meetings to shape future policy. They have ignited a fire in the new generation, most especially in parts of the developing world where structural science is still an infant science. Crystallography now matters ... more!

To build on these successes, the International Union of Crystallography is embarking on an ambitious set of new initiatives to ensure that this newly kindled flame does not go out. More OpenLabs will be commissioned; more sustained efforts will be made in capacity building; more effort will go into public outreach activities.

An "IYCr legacy fund" has been established and everyone can donate to support these initiatives. The conference "Crystallography for the next generation: the legacy of IYCr" will be held in Rabat (Morocco) on 23-24 April 2015 and is aimed at reviewing all the activities associated with IYCr - all that has been (and is being) done, what was successful, what was not so successful, etc. - and discussing how to transform the activities into long-term sustainable actions. Participation is free but registration is required.

Posted 16 Dec 2014 

60 participants from Mexico and Latin America at the OpenLab Mexico

label_draft_v.2.0The IUCr-UNESCO OpenLab Mexico, partnered by PANalytical, has been held at the Instituto de Geología (IGEOL) of the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) and was attended by 60 students mostly from Mexico but also from other Latin-American countries.

Click here to read the report by Dr Teresa Pi Puig, organizer of the event.

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Posted 12 Dec 2014 

Reports from OpenLab Cambodia

label_draft_v.2.0Since mid-2013, when a Rigaku MiniFlex X-ray diffractometer was installed at the Department of Geo-resources and Geotechnical Engineering (GGE) at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), the students in the department have been introduced to X-ray diffraction and crystallography. To increase their knowledge, the first IUCr-UNESCO OpenLab in Cambodia, in partnership with Rigaku, was held at the ITC in conjunction with IYCr2014 from July 7 to 11, 2014.

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Posted 11 Dec 2014 

OpenLab news

label_draft_v.2.0While the OpenLab Hong Kong (partnered by Agilent and OlexSys) is just over and the OpenLab Vietnam (partnered by Bruker) is taking place in these days, the number of applications for the OpenLab Turkey 2 (partnered by PANalytical, to be held in Ankara on 19-22 January 2015), has already reached 90, with entries from 22 different countries! Final deadline is 15 December. Every effort will be made to increase the capacity of the OpenLab. Notifications to selected participants are due by the end of next week. 

Posted 10 Dec 2014 

Ri Channel wins European award!

crystallography_collection_hero_0_2a05001ae5001aeCongratulations to the Royal Institution Channel team on winning the New Media award sponsored by EuroScience for the 'Celebrating Crystallography' animation at the European Science TV and New Media Awards!
See the videos of the Crystallography Collection of the Ri Channel on the IYCr2014.org web site or visit the Ri web site.

Read more about the award at http://www.rigb.org/about/news/winter-2014/european-science-tv-and-new-media-awards.

Posted 09 Dec 2014